Andy Catling is a professional illustrator with more than 50 illustrated titles under his belt. He works in traditional mediums and digital wot-nots to make artwork with a rigorous mangle-like process. First he draws a picture. Then he rubs it out and draws it again. He colours using watercolour, pencils and ink, sniffs it, screws it up and starts over. The digital work process is much the same but without the sniffing. (All digital artwork smells of screen wipe.)

When not sniffing screen wipe, Andy is usually dreaming up story ideas for future books. He currently has picture book ideas with publishers that are in various stages of development.

When at work on children’s picture books, Andy draws; paints and does lots and lots of staring. Staring is fine for art but very bad for people. It makes them scared so best not do it really.

As Andy works he dreams of being a knight with a whopping great castle and a seriously snorty horse. This is what he would have been if he hadn’t become an illustrator, no doubt about it. Trouble is, they are all extinct now (knights that is, not horses.) Andy has become a pirate instead.